Topic Solar Panel Installation Introduction

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 5:59am

    It does not matter if your solar project is a DIY or off the  O’Neal Energy Slasher Review shelf system, you will need an inverter to convert your power from DC to AC current. Inverters can be quite costly and so are a major consideration in your project. If your solar system is to provide power in a remote location such as a small farm or "back woods house", then you need to buy one that suites your needs. Begin by looking at the type of appliances and what loads you will have. Check the wattage, continuous and surge power requirements. You may find that a cheaper modified square wave inverter would do the job rather than the more expensive sine wave units. While it is possible to buy cheaper inverters, most people would agree that you get what you pay for, so here are a few hints when comparing units.

    Safety: Many people place this as a last consideration, however, you must consider the safety aspect of the unit you intend to purchase. You need to know if the inverter meet all relevant safety and RFI standards of the country you live in. When fitted it should be connected via a safety cutout.

    Wattage: Check the wattage, note that bigger units may not suite your needs. Look for inverters that provide information on continuous, intermittent (30 minute), and surge rating. Large inverters will be less efficient on very small loads than smaller inverters. Lightweight inverters with no transformer may not have the ability to handle surges. Look for units that suite your power requirements rather than its capacity.

    Wave Type: The best inverter produces power as a true sine wave. Many cheaper inverters are likely to be what is called, "modified" square or sine wave inverters. While square wave units are cheaper, some appliances including fans, washing machines, stereos, digital clocks and timers, do not work as well and will run slower, hotter or noisier than on a sine wave unit.

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